So who is this Eric character who has the gall to put his pictures up on the web?

I am by training a geek. All right, maybe scientist is a better word. I work in the field of beverage technology managing research into wine science and its practical application in industry (you didn't even know that was a real job did you). I have spent most of the last 20 years working in the beverage industry, mostly in wine, with a brief foray into beer, softdrink and juice production. Currently I am working at the Australian Wine Research Institute, which may be one of the best jobs in the world! It all seems a long way from my PhD in chemistry back in the early 90's. This is not a bad thing as at least it means at the end of the day you can taste what you have been testing (responcibly of course!).

I share my life with my wife Michelle who is definitely the more practical one in our partnership. We live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, Australia where our home is ruled by two cats, Sam and Zorro. I worry that they will one day realize that they are not human but for the moment they survive in typical cat style by being certain that everyone else has the problem.

Apart from science my passion is photography, which I do both commercially and for relaxation. The commercial work ranges from wedding and portraits, shots of wine labels and bottles through to illistrations for books on wine and science. Examples of my work can be found at the links below, or the most recent images at my 500Px website link above.

If you want to know more, ask. If the question is interesting then an answer is sure to be forthcoming.